At Cool the Earth, our K-8 program is fighting climate change one child at a time.

The Program

Kids, Climate and Schools: A Local Solution

Our K-8 enrichment program teaches students about climate change solutions and is ready to run at schools and organizations that work with kids. We provide all necessary materials and support to each school that runs the program.

Cool the Earth assembly

We provide a script, costumes and materials. Then, volunteers at each school stage their own 25 minute climate change assembly.

Learn about the assembly

After the assembly, each kid brings home a coupon book featuring a variety of actions families can take to help stop climate change.

Cool the earth actions

Completed coupons are collected at school and tallied by a volunteer. As the tally builds, kids see the change they make by working together.

Look what we've achieved
Cool the Earth Results

Making a measurable difference

Every time a school runs our program, we track the results. Look what we've accomplished since we started out in 2007:


Actions Taken


Pounds CO2 Saved




Students Reached
Try Our Mobile Game

Koda Quest

Koda Quest is a free mobile app that is fun for every child, and encourages them to save energy and water. Kids love to play with Koda the polar bear on their smart phone, and for kids who have already experienced the Cool the Earth program at school, it will be exciting to connect with Koda in a whole new way.

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News & Updates

The Latest From Cool the Earth


You’re invited. EV House Party 4/5

Please join us in Kentfield, CA on April 5th at 6:30 PM to learn about how making one simple change in the choice of the car you drive can help benefit the environment and make your life

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San Diego Climate Action Contest Announced

GinaLoganPhotography-3986.jpgWe’re excited to announce the first Cool the Earth contest. San Diego area schools will be able to win rewards when they run the program this spring.  Learn More!


Fighting Climate Change with a Silly School Play

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 9.00.39 AM

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Featured on Yale’s Climate Connections

Two polar bears and a villain named Mister or Missus Carbon walk into a school assembly . . no, this isn’t a setup for a joke . . . it’s a play. CULLEN: “Cool The Earth is a nonprofit

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