Mission & History

Our Mission

CTE’s mission is to engage the public in climate change by motivating them to take measurable actions to reduce their carbon footprint.

History: A Grassroots Effort

Cool the Earth is a grassroots organization that believes personal action is essential to reducing carbon emissions. Cool the Earth’s focus is on educating and inspiring Marin residents and employees to drive electric.  EVs are about 40- 50% of a driver’s personal footprint and switching to an EV can practically erase the emissions. 

Cool the Earth was founded in 2007 by Marin County parents Carleen and Jeff Cullen, who were inspired to take action after seeing the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth."  Cool the Earth’s program has had far reaching results, reaching over 250,000 families in 40 states and catalyzing 300,000 carbon saving actions.