Alexander Zwissler is the Principal of Einstellung Labs, a consultancy working at the intersection of the nonprofit and for profit sectors. Prior to the formation of Einstellung Labs,Zwissler was CEO of Chabot Space & Science Center where he developed new programs including Bill Nye’s Climate Lab.  Before leading Chabot, Zwissler was the Executive Director of the Fort Mason Foundation. 

Zwissler serves in the leadership of non-profits including recently the Board of Directors of the Association of Science and Technology Centers. He is co-Chair of the Gateways Eastbay STEM Network, on the Advisory Board of the Climate Readiness Institute at UC Berkeley, and is a Commissioner on the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission

Zwissler graduated with a BA (Hons) in Political Science from the University of California at Berkeley, and went on to become a Postgraduate Research Fellow at the Centre for Mass Communication Research at the University of Leicester, England. In 2008 Zwissler was a fellow of the Noyce Leadership Institute.

In his free time Zwissler can be found mountain biking in Marin and planning to become a poet.