Compost Your Kitchen Waste

Save 1,400 lbs of carbon

Fact:  Fruit and vegetable waste creates CO2 and methane in landfills. By composting, you're allowing nature's recycling to take place. 

Act:  Compost your biodegradable table scraps in your backyard, kitchen or curbside compost and reduce your footprint by 1,400 lbs.

Live in Marin, CA? Click here for Marin Sanitary Service information on how to curbside compost.

Note: Complete the action above, then download, print and fill out a coupon. Have your child turn in the completed coupon at school.

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  • 323,497 Total Actions
  • 235,031,275 lbs Carbon Saved
  • 531 Total Schools
  • 198,565 Total Students