Cool the Earth is a great way for you and your school community to take action to stop climate change. Tell us about your school and yourself then choose a username and password to access the Team Leader Portal. There you’ll see program materials, instructions for getting the program started at your school, and more. If you like what you see (and we hope you will) simply email Cool the Earth a “We’re Ready” form and we’ll send the materials needed to run the program.

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Cool the Earth, Inc. is a nonprofit organization. As such, we actively pursue grants and donations to cover operating expenses. At this time, we are able to offer the program at no charge to interested schools. Of course, in order to keep our program sustainable during these challenging economic times, we gladly accept donations to our organization. Cool the Earth offers several built in donation-generating options in its Actions of the Month making it easy to raise money for the organization and your school. Learn More

  • 323,008 Total Actions
  • 234,743,757 lbs Carbon Saved
  • 529 Total Schools
  • 198,180 Total Students